The D6 Tabletop Cafe is Calgary's premiere tabletop game lounge with tasty food and outstanding service. Dragons in Dungeons is honored to work with D6 Tabletop Cafe as our host.

Staff at the D6 Tabletop Cafe are excited to help you learn the games you have not tried yet.

Most importantly, the D6 Tabletop Cafe has an assortment of delicious beverages, snacks, and sandwiches. Check out their menu. 


2323 32 Ave NE #112

Calgary, AB


The D6 Tabletop Cafe is spacious and well laid out for tabletop game play. 

The cafe has three private rooms perfect for D&D sessions:

The D6 Tabletop Cafe also has an area of tables well suited for board game play with a wall of games to choose from.  

The diagram above shows the layout as it will be setup for the Dragon Fest 2024 event


The D6 Tabletop Cafe has an extensive range of sandwiches, desserts, and beverages to choose from. Check out their homebrew list.