Game Masters

"Some do it for the hat. Others do it for the mug. Others just don't know any better."

Dragons in Dungeons is looking for game masters for Dragon Fest 2024. Game masters would deliver a chosen one-shot game in a private room session at the D6 Tabletop D6Tabletop Café.

The one-shots will come with campaign book, maps, counters, and a game book. A shared D&D Beyond account would provide pre-generated character shells and access to the group's trove of source books.

Game masters at the festival will receive their own hat and a Dragons in Dungeons mug. They will also have the chance to game master for the group for future one-shot sessions.

The game masters we are looking for need not have extensive experience as this is a learning opportunity.  Game masters must have:

Game masters will be supported with:

If interested, fill out the short form ( A Dragons in Dungeons representative will reach out to you shortly.