Dragon Fest was a Blast

The D6 doors were opened for board game play. Exhibitors displayed their wares. D&D Themed games were set up. D&D sessions were arranged by the Dragons in Dungeons crew. 

And you came. With generous smiles and a spirit of adventure.

Dragon Fest 2024

Saturday, March 23, 2024

It is on.  Join us for some D&D adventure and frivolity.

This year's festival will include reserved D&D Adventures and D&D Themed Board Games.  Outside of these games, participants can play board games from the D6 Tabletop Cafe collection.


This year's theme will be Collaborative Storytelling. This theme centres on the idea that D&D adventures are really immersive stories told and carried out by all who sit at the table. And with any good story, refreshments and hearty fare must abound.

Check out our Collaborative Storytelling Contest.

Entry Tickets on Sale

Entry Pass tickets are now on sale in person at the D6 Tabletop Cafe and online. $10 ticket gains you access to the event for the day.

Bolat the Dragonbard has arrived for the Dragon Fest celebration with many a ballad and tale to share.

Illustration Credit: Katie Melnychuk


Entry Pass $10

Entitles you to all day drop in open game play. Required for all festival participants. Buy at cafe (coming soon) or online (coming soon).

D&D Session $10 (additional fee)

Reserves you a seat at a hosted D&D one shot game session in a private room. Buy online (coming soon).

D&D Themed Board Game $5 (additional fee)

Reserves you a chair at a round of a D&D Themed Board game.  Buy online (coming soon).

GST not included


Dragons in Dungeons will offer reserved D&D adventure sessions throughout the day. These adventures will include one-shots and will be hosted by Dragons in Dungeon game masters.

Once games have been established, online game registration for players will begin. Those new to the game, those who recall it, and those who live it are welcome to the table.


D6 Tabletop Cafe is our generous host and venue.  The D6 team will be hosting the reserved D&D Themed Board games.

Tasty snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. Service with a smile is D6 Tabletop Cafe practice.